Childress High School

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Be strong when you are weak, brave when you are scared, and humble when you are victorious!
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Greenbelt Shared Services Arrangement


405 Main Street                                                                                            
Quanah, TX 79252
Phone: 940-663-6321
Fax:  940-663-5754

Director Erik Kirkpatrick
Clerical Aide, Access Implementer Teresa Whitmire
Records Management Clerk Virginia Evans
Diagnostician Keli Murdock
Diagnostician Betty Bell
Diagnostician Dana Park
Diagnostician/LSSP Jodi Whorton
Consultant Region 16 Carla Parker
O & M  Specialist Region 9 Tammy Henderson
O & M Specialist Region 16 Winston Smith
Director of Special Ed. Region 9 Jill Landrum
Director of Special Ed. Region 16 Lori Weiss
Physical Therapist Danica Call
PTA Kala Harmon
Speech Pathologist Lanette Trainham
Speech Pathologist Melanie Cummins
Speech Pathologist Noemi Pena
VI Consultant Region 9 Tricia Lee
AI Consultant Region 9 Susan Mayo
AI Consultant Region 16 Jamie Webb
OT Royce Moore
COTA Jill Barnes


Tara Sims