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APPLY TEXAS is the website to complete your common application for public schools in Texas.  Be sure to record your USER NAME & PASSWORD somewhere that you'll remember it.  You can go back into your application at any time and can submit the application with all of your resume and personal information at any time to multiple colleges/universities.   Here is the LINK:
The PDF files on this page are pages from the College Steps magazine by Wells Fargo.  The pages I've uploaded include great information for current Juniors and Seniors.  For more information from this great college planning website, go to
College Match below:
This website is a "ranking" site that gives you information about the ranking of institutions in different categories...i.e. law schools, medical schools, veterinarian, physical therapy, etc.  You can do ranking for different subjects and see where the schools you may be interested in will fall out in the listing.  Here's the site: by Graphiq
COLLEGE COVERED is a website that has several FREE tools to help seniors prepare for college on topics like:
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
**Check it out HERE: