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Counselors Corner » Career Exploration Guideline

Career Exploration Guideline

1) Access Mrs. Piper's Counselor Corner page. 
2) Go To Links (in gray box on R side) on Mrs. Piper's Counselor Corner page. 
3) First Page will be Career Exploration (see pull down menu at top of page).
4) First LINK on Career Explorations page will be ACHIEVE TEXAS WEBSITE...Click link.
5) Once on Home page, click on TAB at top of page title PROGRAMS OF STUDY
6) Scroll to bottom of page and click on link to Texas Genuine Career Clusters Assessment. 
7) Complete the survey to determine your top three Career Areas of Interest.
8) Once you've determined your top Careers Clusters, click on the corresponding Career Cluster icon at the top of the page to begin exploring careers within this cluster.  This will also help you look at the proposed Program of Study within the Foundation Graduation Plan (or the Recommended Grad Plan) to see what core classes and electives you should plan to take during the remainder of your high school years.