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Dual Credit information

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Instructions for Clarendon College online application and registration paperwork:

  1. Go online to
  2. Click on the Apply Tab bar at bottom of Home Screen
  3. Click on Dual Credit link on RIGHT SIDE of Application Screen
  4. The instructions below are listed on the next screen...You must click on the online application link (call Mrs. Piper 937.6131 ext. 4040 with questions), but you will submit your DC registration form to Mrs. Piper and then CHS will submit your transcript, your transcript, and your DC/Early Admissions Approval form.  TSI scores will be confirmed by CC or submitted by Mrs. Piper.  IF you need to take a TSI test, you may do this at the CC Childress Learning Center anytime before August 27th.  Call 940.937.2001 to set up an appointment to test.

Dual Credit:

For information about the benefits and success of Dual Credit in Texas please refer to

Students wishing to apply and register for Dual Credit from Clarendon College must complete the following items.

  1. Submit an application from
  2. Submit college readiness scores. Most high school students from the Clarendon College service area have already tested and the College already has the scores.  (Directions for submitting scores can be found in the application portal from step 1.)
  3. Submit a copy of your high school transcript (Directions for submitting the high school transcript can be found  in the application portal from step 1.)
  4. Submit a completed Dual Credit / Early Admissions Approval form.  This form can be obtained from your high school counselor. It requires a signature from a high school administrator (counselor or principal.)
  5. Submit a completed Dual Credit Registration Form. This form can be obtained from your high school counselor.
  6. Make payment arrangements.  Please contact your high school counselor for information about payment arrangement