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"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." --Shakespeare Like this quote, I believe we are all apart of one big theatrical stage playing our parts. As a teacher, I have the privilege to act as a kind of director, guiding actors (students) to help them perform their very best.
Here at CHS, I'm not just here as a figurative director, I'm a literal director as well. I'm proud to serve as the theatre teacher for CHS, and I also direct one act play in the spring. In addition to theatre, I am in charge of the UIL speaking events in the spring.
Journalism is another hat I wear. We put out the student-written Blue Press which proudly represents the Bobcats in print.
Last but not least, I also teach psychology and sociology. These subjects are fascinating because we, as a class, get to explore the human mind and what makes us tick.
In conclusion, I've been teaching for 17 years, and I am thankful for what teaching has taught me. And as I said in the beginning, I will do my best to guide students to be the best they can be.